Kaia Naturals

The Takesumi Bright 2-Step System

Get brighter underarms, faster with the takesumi bright 3-step system
  • Developed by Madame Sweat, Founder of kaia naturals
  • Minimizes dark spot pigmentation in the underarms
  • Manages excess odor and perspiration
  • Layering brightening ingredients will create faster brightening results
  • Ideal for those who are melanin rich and prone to hyperpigmentation.

the kojic acid bar
Brightens dark spot pigmentation on body & underarms with added odor protection

niacinamide deodorant
Niacinamide & alpha arbutin brighten dark underarms, also neutralizes odor

the kojic acid brightening bar

  • Kojic Acid: brightens skin, prevents dark spot formation
  • Licorice Root Extract: anti-inflammatory and brightening active
  • Sea Salt: kills odor-causing bacteria and leaves a protective anti-odor barrier

the niacinamide deodorant

    • Niacinamide: reduces inflammation and minimizes irritation, redness and blotchiness
    • Alpha Arbutin: minimizes dark spot pigmentation, a safe alternative for hydroquinone
    • Potent Fermentation Extract: fights odor-causing bacteria
    • Aloe Vera: calms and soothes irritation