All Over Face + Body Lotion


A multipurpose lotion

This multipurpose face and body lotion is the perfect solution for moisturizing all your body parts. Its lightweight formula delivers an instant surge of moisture without a greasy residue, leaving your skin soft and smooth all day long.

jojoba + lavender + rosemary

How it helps

MOISTURIZES with nourishing olive oil

HYDRATES and protects against the elements with fast-absorbing jojoba oil, which closely resembles the composition of sebum produced by the skin

BALANCES and uplifts your senses with a refreshing blend of lavender, rosemary and blood orange


How to use:

For Face: After cleansing, massage one small pump of product all over your face until it has absorbed. A little goes a long way. Also great post-shave to calm your skin.

For Body: Apply all over your body for smooth and nourished skin.

Hands: Keep a bottle of our Face + Body Lotion by your kitchen sink and use it to keep your hands (and face) soft and smooth all day long.

TIP #1: Double up on skin nourishment and hydration by adding a few pumps of Intimacy Oil!

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