Who We Are

Who We Are

Why Philocalist

The Philocalist is Pamela Cass’ beauty sanctuary re-imagined. Formerly Bloom Beauty, this new iteration is an authentic representation of the beliefs and pillars of Pamela’s commitment to clean beauty and organic evolution. The term Philocalist embodies this founder’s vision right down to its literal roots. The word meaning, “lover of beauty” perfectly sums up the passion for creating a conscious beauty space, filled with effective products to help its community look and feel its best. Celebrating beauty on both the inside and out.

The newly imagined space offers the same bespoke experience that helps with quick fixes, skin solutions and long term physical beauty goals. The Philocalist truly believes in what they offer. They love the cult classics but also believe in giving local, indie, ethical brands more reach while offering their clients something they wouldn’t necessarily have the opportunity to easily find themselves. Simply, if they take the time and effort to source from other locales rest assured they are products worth bringing across the border.

Pamela and her team mainly support Canadian, female entrepreneurial brands with high end niche offerings. Clients have come to love the simple notion that what Pamela brings into the shop she would use on herself or suggest to friends and family. Products are vetted and she stands behind them.

“At the end of the day clean beauty should not only be about socially responsible products with safe ingredients. Brands must also be effective, beautiful, and offer that “wow” factor.”

– Pamela Cass , Founder

The Philocalist will continue to curate the best in clean beauty brands worldwide, and bring innovative treatments and skincare solutions to the boutique. With a renewed mission of clean, conscious, and curated beauty, Pam’s vetted edits of responsible products are ready for your top shelf.


Pamela Cass


Pamela Cass is a beauty industry veteran who has painted the faces of more than 10,000 beautiful people. What began as a journey in fine arts would eventually lead Pamela to her home in makeup artistry, and the rest is history. Pamela’s commitment to clean and conscious beauty is evident in her life and work, or put more simply it is her life’s work.

Not one to rest on her laurels, Pamela continuously stays on top of trends and new services. Her other certifications include: micro-blading, lash extensions, spray tanning and brow lamination to name but a few. Her belief in thoroughly understanding the evolution of the industry and its various advances serves her clients and community well.

Her time in the arts and photography allows for a deeper understanding of the processes of makeup application, contouring, and light. Her passion for skincare provides expert advice on taking care of ones canvas, while her knowledge of ingredients rounds out her expertise in the clean beauty industry.

As a Philocalist herself Pamela sees beauty at every turn, and at an early stage she discovered her love for using her creative talents to make people feel good about themselves. She instills in them her philosophy that people can feel better when they look good and use products that are good for them, holding strong to the belief that we are all unique and should be treated as such.

Natalia Grittchina

Head Medical Aesthetician & Skin Specialist

Natalia has 20 years’ experience in the beauty industry, and is an expert in sugaring, eyelash lifts and tints, microblading, laser, chemical peels and more. Natalia is one of only few aestheticians in Toronto who is qualified to perform Sculptural Face Lifting, a holistic, non-invasive technique that rejuvenates the youthful appearance of the skin. Before coming to The Philocalist, Natalia has worked at exclusive spas, including the Stillwater Spa at Toronto’s Park Hyatt for over a decade.

Natalia made the change to clean beauty as she saw the effectiveness and life-changing benefits clean products can have on the quality of the skin, and hopes to instil her beliefs in all her clients, family and friends, and most importantly, her 12-year-old daughter.