What is Clean Beauty

CLEAN BEAUTY more than skin deep

The Philocalist defines clean beauty to include make up, skincare, hair care, and wellness products consciously created only with safe, sustainable, non-toxic ingredients that are never tested on animals. We know that what we put on our skin is absorbed into our bodies, and long term use of harmful, unregulated ingredients and preservatives can become a major contributor to skin sensitivities and health concerns.

Clean beauty is more than just avoiding the known bad ingredients. We do the research for you to ensure that each of The Philocalist brand partners share our same ethos. After all, beauty goes more than skin deep. Using healthy ingredients can help you look and feel younger from the outside in, give you more energy and clarity, and ultimately enhance your physical and mental well-being.

Like clean eating, clean beauty is a wellness choice. Making the switch to clean beauty should be easy knowing that you don’t have to sacrifice quality or efficacy. At The Philocalist, you can trust your choices.

Think differently about beauty.

Clean BeautyRedefined

Clean beauty has been part of an important movement in recent years, albeit one that has been hard, for some, to define.

At The Philocalist, clean beauty means more than just throwing around words such as “eco-friendly” and “green”. To us, it means adhering to the strict guidelines we’ve set out when curating what products we use, promote and ultimately recommend you put on your skin. Our clean beauty products are pure, non-toxic, and do not adversely affect human health. In fact, the clean beauty products we use do just the opposite, and are actually made with good-for-you ingredients that will make you look younger and feel so much better.

All this doesn’t mean that we compromise on effectiveness or quality. We love luxurious, high-end, deliciously smelling, and high-performing products that will meet and exceed your beauty goals. In fact, we’ve scoured the market and have included in our collection tried and true bestsellers, cult favourites and exclusive products from Canada to London and all the way to Australia, so that we can address and help each and every need or issue our clients have, all in clean, healthy and luxurious fashion.

All our products are safe to use, environmentally friendly, sustainable and cruelty-free — and that’s what makes them, and you, beautiful.

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