The Vanity

The Vanity is a place where we look at ourselves and our
relationship to beauty. It is intended as a safe space where
we will share our truths about beauty and its world.

I invite you to take a seat at The Vanity.

Relax. Breathe. Take it in. Look at yourself. Think about the world, our planet, our children and of course your very own unique relationship to beauty, the good, the bad and the ugly.

It's time to Think Differently about Beauty.

I will shed light on the dirty little secrets of the beauty world… the wonderful, the good and the not so good. From questionable unregulated ingredients to the litany of misinformation found across multiple platforms making it confusing to those of us trying to navigate.

I want to use my extensive education, ongoing training, 30 + years in the industry, and well over 10,000 faces under my proverbial belt (or brush as it were) to inform and educate.

Real stuff for Real people.

We will cover all the need to knows like picking the perfect foundation colour, but we'll also talk about what no one else seems to be discussing like what’s with the chin hairs and what do we do about them?! Or What do I do when my daughter has picked out all her lashes or brows from an anxiety disorder?

Let's wade through the muck and get to the beauty of beauty. Let's start a conversation about changing the conversation and crack it all wide open and begin with questioning our own relationships to beauty.

The truth is we are all beautiful, some of us just need a little reminder.

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