The Philocalist

A love letter to beauty, my community, and change.

Seasons have passed and the beauty of summer surrounds us. Spring came and went, and the flowers bloomed. We are watching life wake up around us and beauty is everywhere - do you see it?

My name is Pamela and I am a “Philocalist “ - a term literally meaning, lover of beauty. I am a lover of beauty, and I was blessed with the ability to find it almost everywhere I laid my eyes. From the minutiae of everyday, like appreciating the way the sunlight bounces off a raindrop, to noticing the tiny flecks of gold in my client’s brown eyes that she didn’t even realize glowed within.

For over three decades I’ve had the gift of close to 10,000 people sit in my makeup chair and one thing I know for sure is that there truly is beauty in everyone. When you can solve someone’s beauty issues and make them look better in their own eyes, you make them FEEL better inside, and when you feel good on the inside, your energy changes for the better, people notice and good things happen. And the more beautiful someone is on the inside, the more beautiful they are to the world’s eye. It’s always a little more than just about which product to use or how to apply it. Makeup is more than just an art, hobby or to some a necessity. In my experience makeup can be magic.

In October 2018 as I neared my 50th birthday, I opened Toronto’s first entirely clean service based boutique, Bloom Beauty. Eighteen months later in March 2020, I like many others, found myself pivoting to online sales out of necessity. The world is so different now, and another 18 months later Bloom Beauty is no exception.

As if the volume had been tuned down, I found myself alone in what was once my highly energetic happy place doing curb side pickups through plexiglass. I embarked on personal hand deliveries, leaving a package on a local doorstep, ringing the bell and running like hell, feeling like a kid on a Halloween. Wow things had changed.

In this “Wizard of Oz” like fashion that had become my norm, I did my best to continue to provide the products and customer service our clients, friends and neighbours had come to depend on. And in return they supported local. They supported Bloom Beauty and by default, they supported me. For that I will be eternally grateful. We have all gone through our trials and tribulations and will all be forever changed, and in that I too am no exception. Life is about evolution and finding the beauty in growth and I have found the beauty in this change.

I, Pamela Cass am a Philocalist, and through Bloom Beauty I urged everyone to “think differently about beauty”. In the spirit of growth and gratitude, new beginnings and the simple joy of finding new beauty, my team and I have been working tirelessly to create a newer better space for shopping and services, a new look, new online magazine and a brand new name to go with. A year of evolution and renewed commitment to our mission has gotten us to this place, our new “happy place”.

We invite you to explore the world of The Philocalist. An indie beauty boutique offering a wide range of lux curated ethical beauty products, services and gifts. The Philocalist offers some of the best clean beauty services and products in Toronto with many exciting additions to be unveiled as well as a newly updated website making online shopping a breeze. On top of our newest brand partners, we are excited to introduce you to “Life’s Little Luxuries”, your spot to find that perfect gift and stuff you didn’t even know you needed! And if it’s just trade secrets and education you’re after, keep yourself updated with our online magazine, “The Vanity”, Beauty Truths and Dirty Little Secrets.

I know how to make people see the beauty they all have in themselves. THAT is what I do. I want our customers to step outside the box and allow us to provide a non intimidating, non judgmental space to explore makeup and skin care solutions that will safely and effectively help them feel fantastic about the way they look, whatever that means to them.

Our commitment to clean, curated, and conscious beauty is our modus operandi on both our shelves and in our team members. This approach pays dividends in the relationships we build, and the confidence we can imbue in our guests.

In my experience, many people feel ashamed of what they don’t know or haven’t kept up with. We understand what that feels like and pride ourselves in taking the time to listen, educate, suggest and “try before you buy”. We never send you away with armfuls of product you aren’t going to know how to use. We keep wish lists, and a file on past purchases so you never have to remember what you’ve run out of or wanted to try when you’re ready.

I love what I do and I believe in what I offer. I love the cult classics but I also believe in giving local, indie, ethical brands more reach while offering our clients something they wouldn’t necessarily have the opportunity to easily find themselves. I carry many brands from as far as Australia and London. If I make the effort to bring it in, it’s because the products have something to offer which make them worth bringing all that way!

I do try to mainly support Canadian, female entrepreneurial brands with high end niche offerings. My clients know that if I’m selling it, I’ve done my homework and I would use it myself or suggest it to family and friends.

The last year has been hard on all of us. Join me in once again appreciating the beauty in yourselves and in our world. A flower doesn’t compare itself to the flower next to it, it just blooms. (Zen shin) You have bloomed. I have bloomed. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my brilliant community, clients, and team. You are all beautiful and inspiring and I look forward to you joining me on this journey to becoming a Philocalist as well.

It’s a beautiful place to be.

Be Well,

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