Clean beauty redefined

The Philocalist

“lover of beauty”

This unique word of Greek origin literally means “lover of beauty” and we believe it to be the most organic description for what we do.

Our space welcomes our community to experience the indie beauty world holistically through our curated products and our personalized services.

When founder Pamela Cass embarked on her journey in makeup artistry, she knew she could find beauty anywhere. As a Philocalist herself, she discovered this gift at a very young age, and although trained in the visual arts, found joy in creating beauty with her “live canvases” through the art of makeup. The Philocalist is a testament to her commitment to unearthing the beauty within and providing the tools to go out into the world with confidence.

“For over three decades I’ve had close to 10000 people sit in my makeup chair and one thing I know for sure is that there truly is beauty in everyone. And one thing I know to be true is the more beautiful someone is on the inside, the more beautiful they are to the eye of the world, no matter the physical”

I invite you to enter the world of The Philocalist, a world of authentic beauty.

Pamela Cass


We define clean beauty as good for you beauty. Everything you put on your body gets absorbed into your body which is why all of our products are only made with good for you, non-toxic ingredients.


Many are becoming more conscious, aware and intentional about their beauty choices and that means making informed choices about the ingredients, origin, effectiveness and sustainability of your products.


Our unique selection of clean beauty products and makeup has been meticulously curated to include something for everyone’s specific skincare needs. We love to work with innovative brands dedicated to your overall wellness and align with our clean beauty ethos.

Our Services

At The Philocalist, our knowledgeable and caring staff is dedicated to making you look and feel good with our industry-leading, customized treatments.

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Check what our customers say about us

“I am so excited about your move. I have to say, I felt very safe. Next trip is to get my eyebrows waxed. And I am going to be brave and have a facial! Keep well and keep safe.”

“I purchased two foundations from your store. The service was excellent and I decided this would be where I go for all future needs. Thanks so much for all of your help!”

“I will definitely be going back to Bloom Beauty for my next spray tan. The spray tan area was cute, well lit, and the floors and walls are sparkly. The technician applied lotion strategically to my hands, elbows, and feet so that I wouldn’t get too much tan in those areas. The tan came out beautiful and even, and there is no fake tan smell!”

“I absolutely love Bloom Beauty! Great services, I love the products they sell and have bought a few great gift bags for friends which they have loved.”

“Thank you so much Pam for recommending these products. They go on beautifully and I’m not experiencing any sensitivity. This one is a winner!”

“Pam did these awesome gift packs for my team. They were a hit! Thanks so much for your help. My team absolutely loved everything you picked. I’m sure they will be ordering from you again. The shower steamers and sleep masks in particular were loved. They couldn’t stop talking about them at our meeting!”

“Just wanted to say a big thank you for your help recently! I LOVE the colours you selected! Beautiful products! I will definitely be buying more from you again soon.”

“I picked up my order today - and I love everything! I sampled it all at home. My skin feels soft and looks even - and not chalky at all. And the mascaras were exactly what I was looking for - my lashes basically look like I had a lift and tint - so natural and not clumpy at all. I really like it.”

“My pedicure lasted six weeks! And I am hard on my feet. This store is a staple in my clean beauty routine. Pam and her team are dedicated professionals to their clients. I am a very strong advocate of this shop!”